Our policy


Our policy :

By respecting the orientation of our country in a program of liberalization and structural adjustment tending to establish the mechanisms of the market, the freedom of internal and external trade, and to encourage private initiative, this Tunisian tire industry Company is immediately engaged in a policy of Quality Management, Environment and Safety.


The aim is :

To become competitive in price and quality in domestic and foreign markets to face international competition.
Become able to adapt and master the evolution of market and product techniques required by foreign and local customers.

Participate in the global fight for the sustainability of the environmental acquis, by developing and promoting technologies adapted to cleaner production, without constraining our ongoing quest for productivity and profitability, and without curbing growth or social progress.

Protect our wealth by adhering to a process of permanent progress in terms of safety, which offers all staff confidence, stability and health, and which is a reference for our customers and partners.


Our main objectives are :

A high intrinsic quality level of Clean production without any risk for the environment. Guaranteed health and safety at all levels.
Training and awareness for all staff.
Continuous listening to legal, regulatory and normative requirements.
Continuous improvement of quality, environment and safety.